What is the reality in which we live, what worldview occupies our minds in the “house of slaves,” why is it so frightening to jump to the truth, and how can we break free and break through the dream world?

Roni Ayalon Hirsch is a teacher and specialist in Chinese medicine. Mohel, lecturer and instructor in Hasidism, Kabbala and Torah boarding schools. Founder and director of the first kiruv center in Tel Aviv and currently manages the Shamayim Ashira Center in Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv, created to connect and connect the spirituality of the East with the tradition of ancient Jewish wisdom. Author of the site Amtrex – Cracking the matrix code according to Jewish mysticism and Kabbalah.

“It’s the question that motivates us.
The answer will find us if we can only … “

Cracking the Matrix Code … Let’s peek beyond the illusion